Over 130 children and young people compete in City-wide Cross-Community Basketball Tournament. This event is presented by PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland with great support from Employees of Google (Dublin, EU HQ).

By using the sport of Basketball, PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland bridges the divide that exists between many of our children and young people in east, north, south and west Belfast. Throughout this Autumn term PeacePlayers’ participants have been attending an after school programme where they build friendships and play basketball together. The Jingle Ball Tournament is an end of term celebration that provides the opportunity for the
young people from the different parts of Belfast to see, compete, befriend and have fun with others their age from other areas of Belfast.

The event took place at Queen’s PEC on 9th December. PeacePlayers anticipated over 130 children and young people to be in attendance making it one of the largest ever hosted by PeacePlayers and making it the largest cross-community basketball tournament held in Northern Ireland. Here is what Managing Director Gareth Harper has to say, “We are super excited to be hosting our Annual Jingle Ball tournament. This year promises to be the biggest and best yet. Events like this are a real opportunity to showcase and celebrate what can be achieved through sport to bridge divides and build positive relations. A big shout out has to go to go to all our amazing volunteers without whose support we just couldn’t make this happen.”

The Jingle Ball tournament is made possible by the hard and dedicated work of the PeacePlayers staff, coaches and volunteers; in addition to the logistical support and coordination with Belfast Bus Company, Queen’s PEC Staff and donations from parents. A special mention goes out to a few dedicated employees of Google (Dublin, EU HQ) for their generous support of the Jingle Ball Tournament. This is the fourth consecutive year in which employees from Google have not only supported the Tournament, but have also donated bridging divides | developing leaders | changing perceptions “Children who play together can learn to live together” their time and energy in volunteering on the day. We are very thankful for their help in making the Jingle Ball Tournament a success year after year. Ultimately, the success of this tournament is made possible by the incredible spirit and support of PeacePlayers Northern Ireland participants and their parents/guardians.

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PeacePlayers: Annual Jingle Ball Tournament
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