If you will find a selection of frequently asked questions about the One Small Step campaign. If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us.

What is One Small Step?

It is a campaign by Civic Society to encourage people in Northern Ireland and across the island of Ireland and between these islands to promote a genuinely shared future by building constructive relationships for the benefit of us all.

The One Small Step campaign has three primary aims. These are:

  1. Encourage individuals and groups to take action to build relationships or break down barriers.
  2. Highlight the good practice of many individuals and groups in building relationships or breaking down barriers.
  3. Challenge leaders to act constructively to do more to build a genuinely shared society that works and lives together for the benefit of us all.

Who can get involved in One Small Step?

Anyone can get involved whether it be individuals or groups. What we want to hear about are stories where people have taken steps, no matter how small, to actually build relationships or break down barriers in our society.

Why should I get involved in One Small Step?

This is your society and when it comes to relationships we now have an opportunity to create a different present and future from our past. One where people work and live together constructively for the benefit of all of us. The responsibility rests with us, meaning all of us, to do what we can to build constructive relationships which are the foundation of any successful society. On our site, we will be posting stories of those who have taken their One Small Step and these will be used to encourage others to take action and we will encourage you to let us know of any activities that you have been involved in so that as they may give others encouragement.

Who is responsible for the One Small Step Campaign?

The One Small Step campaign is made up of a group of people from across civic society from many different backgrounds with their primary focus being that we have to share this place and so we should try and do so in such a way that we all do well.

Names of those involved and the steering committee for the campaign to date are:

  • Trevor Ringland, Solicitor, Former Ireland and Ulster Rugby Player and Politician.
  • Nisha Tandon
  • Siofra Healy - Director of Philanthropy at Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
  • Linda Ervine - Language Rights Activist
  • Tony Kennedy - Former CEO of Co-operation Ireland
  • Fr Martin Magill

How can I tell people about One Small Step?

Getting involved is easy! Just reading these questions and learning more about the One Small Step campaign is a small step in the right direction. Whether you decide to share a post on Facebook or Twitter, or if you decide to take action in your community - everything counts.

Please visit the Getting Involved page and tell us about your small step!