Holywood Shared Town is holding a “Big Tea” conversation 6-8 pm on Monday 26 February 2018 at Holywood Baptist Church for those working working, professionally or voluntarily with children and young adults in the Holywood area.

A ‘Big Tea’ is a facilitated round-table discussion with a mix of interested people while they share some tasty food. This Big Tea event aims to bring those working in the sector in Holywood under one roof to eat, meet, exchange views and ideas and participate in the creation of a local action plan in answer to the question “How can we give the children and people of Holywood the best start in life?

We all want to ensure that every child and young person can grow up safely and happily in a society where they receive the support they need to achieve their full potential and where they can express their views and have a say in decisions that affect them.

Life chances depend on foetal and neonatal health, the quality of parenting, early years provision, family and community support, education and, critically, poverty. How can we develop positive young people strategies for reducing drug and alcohol use in our young people or, help them avoid being targeted for criminal and/or paramilitary involvement? How might we engineer a joined-up approach to ensuring that in Holywood as many young people as possible reach adulthood with the best possible preparation?

If you work or volunteer with children and young people (pre-birth to age 25) in nursery/pre-school groups, schools, sports, youth groups, churches, uniformed organisations, community groups, statutory organisations like health and social services, housing and police, or are just interested in the future of our young people, you are invited to join the conversation.  Please register for this great opportunity to connect with others involved in this important work via  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/children-and-young-people-big-tea-tickets-42604332706

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How can we give Holywood’s children and young people the best start in life?
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