The One Small Step committee has welcomed the joint statement issued by the DUP, Sinn Fein, SDLP, UUP, Alliance Party and Green Party calling for the threats to residents of Cantrell Close in Belfast to be lifted.

The statement states,

“We as political leaders condemn all forms of sectarianism, intolerance and threats of violence. Four families have been forced to leave their homes in South Belfast. This is wrong.  Any threat to these families should be lifted immediately. There is also an onus on the PSNI and the statutory agencies to provide immediate and appropriate support to the affected families, including re-housing those affected if they feel unable to remain in their homes. This situation runs absolutely contrary to the ethos under which the Cantrell Close development was created. Everyone has the right to live in a society without fear of intimidation and free from sectarianism. Those behind this threat offer nothing but hatred and division and should be condemned by all political, community and statutory leaders.”

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Joint statement by Northern Ireland parties welcomed by One Small Step
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