One Small Step Ideas

Below you can find a range of step ideas you can take in your community. Don't forget to Submit your Small Step to us!


Community Care

Band together with fellow residents in your community, armed with brooms, brushes and buckets, to clean up your local area and remove discriminating graffiti.


Raise the Curtains

Engage in a community-based project, aimed at bringing together young people from all sides of your local community to stage a theatre production in your local town hall.


Positive Prose

Pen a piece of writing that embraces the shared history of your local community, we'll even publish it on our news page and social media!


Football for all

Host a cross-community game of football.


All eyes on us

Work with local historians and community figureheads to launch an exhibition of old photographs of your local community in a shared, public space and celebrate all that is good in your home town.


Take a tour

There are many tours that delve into the history of local communities throughout Northern Ireland, particularly with reference to the conflict. Take part in a historical tour and learn more about your neighbour.


Sports Day

Put together a programme of sports activities in your local community, encouraging residents to participate in a fun-filled day of GAA, football, rugby or cricket.